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Discover the incredible features of Alpha Bot that make your marketing campaigns more effective and effortless. 

Boost your business with Alpha Bot

This awesome tool is here to make your marketing campaigns a breeze. Whether you’re sending bulk messages, getting help from an AI assistant, or offering top-notch support, Alpha Bot has got you covered. 

Official Meta Cloud API
Live Chat
Multiple Team Support
Real time analysis

Why You'll Love Alpha Bot

Our team has poured their hearts into creating Alpha Bot, designed to meet all your marketing needs. You can create personalized messages, schedule campaigns, and more. With bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns, you’ll see amazing read rates of 95%-98%, ensuring your message gets to the right people. And the best part? We use the official Meta Cloud API, so you won’t have to worry about getting blocked.

Expand Your Reach with Telegram

Telegram is becoming super popular, and Alpha Bot makes it easy to tap into this growing platform. You can send unlimited messages, and up to 80% of your audience will open and read your content. That’s a lot of eyes on your messages, making your marketing efforts totally worth it.

What Alpha Bot Can Do for You

Forget outdated email marketing—Alpha Bot is your all-in-one solution for WhatsApp and Telegram marketing.
This powerful Marketing tool lets you send unlimited campaigns, boost your sales, and start seeing results today!

  • Live ChatBox: Chat live with your customers, boosting sales and conversion rates.
  • Official Meta Cloud API: Run your campaigns smoothly and never get blocked.
  • Multiple Client Team Support: Manage your campaigns easily with a collaborative team approach.
  • WhatsApp Campaigns: Enjoy high read rates of 95%-98% for your messages.
  • Telegram Campaigns: Send unlimited messages with an impressive 80% open rate.
  • WhatsApp Live Chat: Provide easy, live customer support.
  • Telegram Live Chat: Ensure smooth communication with your audience.
  • AI Bot: Get automated replies generated by AI.
  • List & Contact Management: Organize your contacts by labeling and categorizing them.
  • AI Assistant: Get help writing your campaign content.

Even More Features!

  • Template Management: Create and manage your message templates from the Alpha Bot dashboard.
  • Contact Management: Keep your contacts organized by labeling and categorizing them.
  • Notifications: Send WhatsApp notifications triggered by specific events.
  • Bulk Marketing Campaigns: Send personalized greetings, messages, promotional offers, and updates to your audience.
  • Support Ticket System: Ensure great communication and customer support with automated systems.
  • Detailed Delivery Report & Analytics: Monitor the status of your messages with delivery reports and gain valuable insights.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy seamless navigation with our easy-to-use UI/UX design.
  • Chat & Campaign Automation: Send automated personalized greetings, messages, and updates to your audience.
  • AI Content Writing: Get help setting up your campaigns with an AI assistant content writer.
  • Team Member Support: Manage your campaigns and chats easily with a collaborative team approach. Just invite your team members by email!

Our Clients Shared Their Love for Alpha Bot

Hear from our happy clients who have transformed their marketing with Alpha Bot.
Discover how our innovative features and exceptional support have made a difference in their business success.

The features are cutting edge and have helped me streamline my workflow significantly. I highly recommend this company to anyone

Andreas Gilbert
Andreas Gilbert

Marketing - Zintra

I recently started using the Geech SaaS company and I am thoroughly impressed with its user-friendly interface and robust features.

Hassan Hanson
Hassan Hanson

CEO - Starcraft

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Who's Alpha Bot For?

Alpha Bot is perfect for all kinds of businesses:

  • eCommerce: Ideal for marketing any eCommerce platform.
  • Service-Based Businesses: Provide AI reply bots and live chat for great customer support.
  • Product-Based Businesses: Use WhatsApp and Telegram campaigns to market any product effectively.

With Alpha Bot, you can take your marketing to the next level. Engage your audience like never before and seamlessly integrate Alpha Bot into your business. With our innovative and adaptable script, you’ll have everything you need to meet your marketing goals. Get started with Alpha Bot today and start seeing those sales roll in!

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